The process of recruitment and hiring have drastically change as time passes by and technology plays a big contribution on this one. It keeps evolving as a response to the changing popularity of different platforms online.

There are actually two types of recruiting done nowadays and these are passive and active recruiting.

  • Passive recruiting – in some instances, the employers are passively recruiting. Meaning to say, they do a bit more than posting opening onto their website and just wait for new applicants to find it and send their applications.
  • Active recruiting – there are some companies that recruit candidates actively. They are trying to connect with and engage prospects using different mediums like visiting college campuses, doing job fairs and so forth.

Other Recruitment Strategies

Other ways in which a company hires new employees is through job boards.

As a matter of fact, it plays a big part in the company recruitment process.

Not only that, most of the top job boards has applications that can be downloaded directly to smartphone. As a result, it’s feasible to do job search on the go straight from your device.

Job search engines are also a great way among job seekers to obtain listings quickly as they are able to search various searches in which there are employment opportunities.