When you are in the process of creating procedures and policies for your business, always bear in mind that this isn’t a one-time thing. The entire documentation will have to be modified and updated throughout time. In an effort to create procedures and policies, you should start checking at what other competitors in your field are doing as well.

Industry organizations might just provide you valuable insights of what policies as well as procedures that your business needs at the moment.

Easy to Understand Language

You have to bring together diverse groups in an effort to develop procedures and policies. Also, you have to ensure that everything’s written in a simple to understand language that is clear and concise. This way, new employees will be quick to understand it. Manual written with lots of industry jargons and acronyms will not help for a person who does not have any ideas of the language.

Everything must be on the Boat

By the time when procedures and policies are written, explain it to them together with its purpose to your staffs. Inform them that it is vital to follow these new set of procedures and policies and that if there are changes that have to be made, they have to let you or other point of contacts know about it.