There was no easy moment in introducing new policies to employees regardless if those policies are prepared to address things like:

  • Regulatory compliance mandates
  • HR requirements
  • Formalizing IT processes

There are many of it of course. Still, change is hard. On the other hand, looking for effective methods of implementing new policies as well as procedures can drastically improve policy compliance and adoption. By adhering to these best practices, it can help in ensuring smooth rollout the next time that your organization has introduced new policy or even if it has implemented modifications to an already existing policy.

Determining the Best Methods in Deploying New Policies

Before a new policy is implemented, it can be worthwhile to review your options.

There are instances that it makes sense to deploy new policy in different phases. There are times too that giving them in one go turns out just fine.

Testing the Waters

It makes sense to do it for a certain policy. You might want to consider implementing new policy first with a particular department or with a subset of your workforce. This can give you an idea to notice the weaknesses and strengths you fail to anticipate throughout planning. It works great prior to performing a company-wide update.