If you want the implementation of your policies to be effective, then you must be familiar of the steps to be executed. Otherwise, read the next lines.


This ensures that each and every staff knows the significance of your policies and the procedures being followed. It’ll ensure too that the policies are actionable and realistic.

Tailored to Your Business

The policies and procedures you’re adopting must be specific to your business’ needs; not it looks like an excerpt from generic manual.

Specifically Define the Obligations

This creates audible standard.

In other words, you are creating a standard that could be used in measuring whether the work environment has met safety and health obligations or not.

The obligations are then outlined in audible standards should be defined thoroughly.

Make it Realistic

See to it that your business has the resources, manpower and time to implement this new policy. It makes no sense to adopt new policies which aspire the best practices if your business can’t adapt to the procedures it mandated realistically.

Allot Time to Train Employees

It is your obligation to provide ample information, clear instruction, training and supervision to your staffs. Be certain that contractors and new and old employees are well trained and familiar with the procedures and policies.