The responsibility and duty of creating new policies and procedures for the company will vary as per the structure and size of it. In the event that you are a small business owner, then most likely, the procedures and policies will be created on your own. Perhaps, it will be done in collaboration with leaders and managers of other companies.

Going to the Roots

These policies and procedures usually stem from the objectives and visions of the company which are typically shaped throughout strategic management meetings by the top level personnel of the organization. In some cases, it is the department managers who are working out on the policies and procedures as per the nature of work and tasks to be executed.

Human resources experts typically play a role in the development and formalization of these policies and procedures.

This is very common especially in small and large businesses.

Intervening with Development and Implementation

This is basically the part why HR directors are participating as part of company executive management team in planning and strategy meetings. HR professionals oftentimes have broad knowledge of ethical practices and HR Laws. Having said that, managers are working to make these policies along with the inputs directly from the HR.