Getting a raise is comparable to buying a new car. Sooner or later, what’s new becomes normal. Higher wages will not automatically make employees to perform at optimal level. Commitment, motivation as well as work ethic aren’t based on the amount you are paying them.

If you really care about your business, then you must know the primary things that your employees need and these are:


As what said over and over again, the best practices are creating excellence. However, every task does not deserve the best practice or is being managed on a micro level. Latitude breed engagement, satisfaction and autonomy are the need of the hour. Even heavily process and manufacturing positions make room for various approaches.

If possible, always give your employees time to work the way they like to work.


Establishing goals are fun.

It creates friendly competition for everyone, even for yourself.

Targets are creating the sense of purpose and adding meaning even to the tasks that are repetitive. Without goals to shoot for, then work becomes work only and sooner or later, it’ll suck.


We wanted to be part of something bigger than us. Striving to be worthy of words such as Best, Highest Quality and such also create a sense of purpose. Letting employees know that you want to attain something bigger and greater for your customers, business and the community will create a mission of their own.