It takes in-depth research and months of writing to create policies and procedures along with the work instructions and process documents for it. But something you should consider is, a well crafted procedure and policy can provide assistance to your organization along with compliance and deliver structure to meet and overcome challenges regardless if it’s big or small.

How the Two are Different?

While both terms are heard often, procedures and policies do serve distinctive roles.

  • Policies – these are basically high level guidelines defining the organization’s culture by providing framework and shaping decisions for day to day activities.
  • Procedures – this on the other hand is enumerating the lower level processes and providing steps that your workforce has to follow.

When used together, it can guide the organization to its success via regulatory and legal compliance.

The True Purpose and Application of Procedures and Policies

With policies, these are clarifying the output and behavior expected from employees or volunteers and other individuals involved similar to board members. The implementation of procedures and policies are guiding the daily activities of workspace by means of promoting compliance with regulations and laws by offering strategic perspective that is then used for critical decision making.