There are two major requirements to create good policies and these are:

  1. Effort and;
  2. Time

On the other hand, you could boost your chances of hitting success by taking into account of the basics. Majority of the work happens before you started writing anything. As a matter of fact, your prewriting activities have to include research of the background and decide on the focus of document. After writing, your documents need to be reviewed and of course, validated and approved.

Lastly, you are going to disseminate documents and train users in these new policies as well as procedures.

It Starts even before You actually Begins

Long before you start writing, there are things that you have to take into mind.

Procedure or policy must be centered on one theme or idea.

There’s great effort and complexity needed to prepare a good and effective policy and because it is influencing values of your business and possibly, have legal ramifications, see to it that your C-team will support and endorse all your efforts.

A Continuous Effort

Also, it is a must that the policy is supported with employee education. Do not just expect the users to read it and retain the information in their mind. As you’re training, give the users with positive reason to learn and adapt to these new sets of guidelines.