Just before you feel so excited in marketing your business, take a break first and observe everything. Be inspired with other innovators be it celebrities or influencers to specific brands.

There are basically three things that you need to take into consideration before you market and promote your business.

These include the interests of your market, what feelings are provoking them to take action and which type of content is provoking them.

Being able to hit all these things will help you to easily create a relationship with your market. So let’s take a look at each category a bit more.

Number 1. What Piques the Interests of Your Market?

Basically, you can find the answer to this question simply by doing organic conversation with your audience. Doing so and it is them who would freely tell what it is they like and want.

Number 2. What Feelings are Provoking them to do Something?

Does your market is more engaged with inspiring content or perhaps, something that makes them laugh or exposes vulnerability? Knowing about these things can help you in fine printing your actions to make the most impact.

Number 3. Which Type of Type of Content Provokes them to Lead to a Decision?

Much like with number 2, this is a bit different as here, you are focused more on what media channel they are more into. Is this something about still photos, unpolished videos, professionally created videos and so forth.